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PLAY & SAY - Learning English with Fun, Games & Activities!

PLAY & SAY has been designed for teachers and parents who are not native speakers, however who possess a solid understanding of the English language and who would like to share this in a playful manner with their young learners. The key to success lies with „Robby“ the handpuppet who becomes the childs new „English speaking friend". Robby allows the language to be offered to the children on an emotional level, he is their friend who loves to sing, dance, draw and play and best of all he magically brings exciting things out of his box. Even cleaning up is fun with Robby!

Allowing the advantages of the “Immersion method” to be integrated into the everyday life of non-bilingual Kindergartens, preschools and families.

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边玩边说 (PLAY & SAY) - 通过游戏在娱乐活动中学习英文

边玩边说(PLAY & SAY)专门为非英文母语的,但有一定英文基础的教师及家长使用游戏方式来辅导孩子学习英语而编制。此产品在游戏中不知不觉地成功培养孩子对英语的语感,其中讲英文的布袋木偶罗比是一个重要因素。当罗比成为孩子们的新伙伴时,让孩子们与英文建立了情感联系。罗比是一个喜欢唱歌,跳舞,玩耍的小伙伴,他还会从他的魔术盒里变出各种各样有趣的小玩意来,与罗比一起整理房间都是件有趣的事。边玩边说把语言浸入式教学的优势融入到日常生活中,合适使用在非双语幼儿园和家里。如果您需要更多有关边玩边说及我们其他产品的信息,请联系我们。